If you are searching for a trusted, reputable orthodontist to visit in the Mount Laurel area, reach out Dr. Michele Paterno, DMD, MSD and her team at Paterno Orthodontics. Our goal is to provide you with a beautiful, healthy smile. Our office provides orthodontic care to children, teens and adults. In addition to traditional braces we offer Invisalign, clear ceramic braces, gold braces, Damon System braces and removable appliance therapy. We have a variety of colors to choose from.

Phase I treatment may be needed in children as early as seven or eight years of age, but only if treatment with some baby or primary teeth still present is dentally necessary or will have a positive effect on jaw or facial growth and development or a positive effect on self esteem, to make future treatment shorter or to correct harmful dental habits as early as possible. Most of the appliances that are used during early interceptive treatment are colorful and customizable.

Some patients do not need further future phase II treatment, but most do to reach their full or corrective needs after adult teeth are present. Usually treatment is started after most or all of the adult teeth are erupted in the mouth.

If it is determined that your child is not ready to start treatment he/she will be placed on a recall schedule to monitor and observe until the best time to start treatment is determined. A note will be sent to your general or pediatric dentist letting them know that we would like to see the patient periodically usually every six to twelve months until the appropriate time to start treatment is determined.

Dr. Paterno also works in conjunction with oral surgeons for patients who require orthognathic surgery (corrective jaw surgery) and orthodontic treatment to achieve their treatment goals and correct jaw abnormalities.

Call to schedule an appointment with Dr. Paterno to so that the best course of action for you can be determined!