About Our Office

Dr. Paterno and her staff are determined to deliver quality orthodontic treatment in an enjoyable, pleasant, clean and fun environment. We strive for excellence in every aspect of the practice and sincerely hope to be a positive uplifting part of each patient's life to improve not only your smile but your outlook. Using top of the line, hi-tech equipment is just one of the ways Paterno Orthodontics provides expert, quality care. We now have the VATECH Dental X-Ray machine the world's first all-in-one clinical imaging system. Digital scanning is the newest technology available, and we are among the first orthodontists in the country to get it. Our office is open to emergency services 24/7 to our current orthodontic patients. Paterno Orthodontics is all about providing a fun environment.

You will see disinfection and sterilization practices being thoroughly carried out to maintain a safe environment for our patients. Our sterilization equipment is monitored regularly and the importance of hand washing, gloves and masks that are worn during procedures is evident. We also strive to treat each patient with respect and privacy.